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Closing Inventory ?

Goods purchased = 100000 Sales = 90000 Margin = 20% Closing Inventory = 25000 because, =90000-(90000/6) (as the sales is on the market value cost +20%) =75000 hence closing inventory is = 100000-75000= 25000 :Thank Read more…


Bcom 2nd Year- Company Law

Company and Compensating laws- Company and compensation laws is one of the toughest subjects of BCom 2nd year students either from sol or regular. If you are looking for last year exam paper of┬ácompany and Read more…


Types of RAM

Types of RAM The following are some common types of RAM: SRAM: Static random access memory uses multiple transistors, typically four to six, for each memory cell but doesn’t have a capacitor in each cell. Read more…

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