Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences
(‘If, sentences)

It is a part of English Grammar you may have a look on the English Grammar as well.

As the word states Conditional sentences‘  , those sentences which have conditions or we can say which starts with ‘If’.

Conditional sentences makes your sentence more effective, more brief , more certain and more meaningful.

It may be of many types, in this article we’ll discuss those types in brief.

It shows the condition and consequence as well in a sentence.

Whenever we are needed for defining  any special situation, we need conditionals. For an example if it rains, picnic will be cancelled.

Mainly we have 4 classifications of this type of sentences. These sentences are divided into two halves(clauses).

1.If part (IF CLAUSE)
2.The other part where we can use  words such as can, will, may, might, could and would (main clause)

Zero Conditional

This type of conditionals talk about the general truth, those things that happens in certain situations . Ex- If you touch fire, it hurts.

In zero conditionals the meaning would be same if WHEN is used instead of If

This talks about – the truths that nobody can prove false. Like scientific facts, general truth , universal facts/truth and etc.

For example- If you boil water at 100 degrees , it boils.

Sun rises from east.

Mahatma Gandhi died on 2nd of October.

The structure is – If + Present simple

1st Conditional

It talks about the possibilities in present or in future. It talks about those things which are possible in present or in future.

The structure would be – If+ Present simple + future simple

For an example –

If you study seriously and hardly ,you will pass the examination.

If you go market, you will buy something.

2nd Conditional

It focuses on the things , which are not true or cannot be happened in present or in future.

In the case of zero possibility of any work , we use 2nd conditional.

The structure for this type- IF+ Past simple+ would, could, might.

For an example –

If I were President , I would control the country.

If I had millions of dollars , I would buy a lots of things.

3rd Conditional

It is a structure used for talking about unreal situations in the past.

The third conditional is used to talk about things which DID NOT HAPPEN in the past.

Mostly used for regret, criticism and to blame somebody.

The structure for this type- If + Past Perfect would/could/might have + Past Participle

For an example-

If I had gone there, I would have enjoyed the party.

If he had came to me, we would have gone to Goa.

It is the most commonly  used conditional.


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