Infrastructure-Important questions

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Infrastructure Important questions

Infrastructure is the chapter number 12th from the book Indian Economy for class 11th as prescribed by NCERT.

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Check out important question for the chapter Infrastructure-

Very Short Answer type questions(1 Marks)

  1. What do you mean by Infrastructure?
  2. Define social Infrastructure.

Short answer type questions (3-4 Marks)

1 What do you mean by mordibidy ? What are the factors affecting it.?
2 Differentialt between commercial and non commercial sources of energy.
3 Explain the two categories, into which infrastructure is divided how are both
4. How do infrastructure facilities boost production?
5. What are the three basic sources of generating power? Explain.
6. Write a short note on the alternative systems of health care in India?
7. What do you mean by primary and secondary sources of energy?
8. How does infrastructure contribute to the economic development of economy.
9. How has the consumption pattern of energy changed over the year?
10. How can we increase the effectiveness of healthcare programe?

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Long Answer Type Questions (6 Marks)

1. How does infrastructure play an important role in the social and economic development of
our economy?
2. What problems are being faced by power sector in India?
3. What is the three tier system of health infrastructure in India?
4. What are the measures taken to cope up with challenges facing the health sector?
5. Solar energy, wind power and power produced from tides are going to be future sources of
energy. What are their comparative merits and demerits?
6. How can we increase the effectivenes of health care programmes?
7. Discuss the reforms which have been initiated recently to meet the energy crisis in India?
8. What are the main characteristics of health of the people of our country?
9. How does infrastructure contribute to development of a country? Explain.
10. What is the contribution of NGOs in health care in India?

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