Brain Teasers- The Best Warm up of Your Mind!

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Brain teasers are the best practice to make your mind sharper and stronger.

What you can catch but never throw?

How can you get 10 horses in to 9 stables, bearing in mind that each horse must have its own stable?

If 3 peacocks lay 5 eggs in 8 days, how many peacocks will lay 29 eggs in 76 days?

The fishmonger is 1.8 meters tall. He wears size 8 shoe and wears XXL shirts. What does he weigh?

What gets a head in night and loose it at morning?

What is a thing which even a muscular man cannot take for 10 minuets?

Which is a thing which has window without any wall?

Three girls are taking a bull to the zoo when their car brakes down. They motion for a guy to pull over. They ask to use his phone to call the zoo. He agrees, but says it would cost them $1 for every word. They only had $1 dollar. They paid the man and five minutes later the zoo was there. What was the one word used?

A tennis ball has rolled its way down into a hole. This particular hole is extremely deep and has a sharp bend in the middle, making the ball impossible to retrieve by hand. The ground around the hole is made of hard clay, so digging the ball out isn’t an option. What could you use to get the ball out?

What smells better than it tastes?

Hope you liked them all for the solutions of brain teasers and riddles put your information below

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