Five Signs that You Are Must a Genius!

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Five signs of a genius

In today’s world where only genius take place it is very difficult to define whether a person is  genius or not. Basically we cannot judge anybody whether he is genius or not but these five ways will prove that you’re a genius!

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Talking with Yourself!

genius perosn,five signs of a genius,talking with yourself

After thousands of years of psychological research scientists have proved that people who talk to themselves have more developed brain along with they have more catch power and precise ideas.They can plan out things much better than the other people!

You are weak at Fashion,

Studies have proven that  intelligent people tend to have less fashion sense and you can see them wearing same color of clothes many times a week.This is because their mind does not invest proper attention to fashion rather chooses to opt for complex tasks.

Late Night Sleeper,

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Psychology says those people who are late night sleepers are the best minded people. Their mind processes each and every second they think about ideas so they ignore sleep whereas other get sleep easily because their brain is tried and can’t work more! One more thing which Studies have proved that intelligent fellows love to sleep late at night because they tend to love silent surroundings and hence like the peaceful environment in the midnight.


genius perosn,five signs of a genius,talking with yourself

Our science studies showed up a report which says genius people always do multitasking they try to do maximum things at the same time. Mr.Albert Einstein was one of them.It has been proved scientifically that intelligent people think about more than one tasks at a time.This is because their brain always tries to expand it’s horizon and spectrum of thinking.

Less Social,

It has been scientifically proved that intelligent people are generally less social than their counterparts.They interact less because most of the time their brain is busy hunting for ideas.

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